All you need to know about adult bibs.

Adult bibs are commonly known as cloth protectors. They are mainly used to assist elderly people and patients while they eat, take medicine, or perform any other task which may stain their clothes. Adult bibs are quite popular with elderly and sick people, this can be proved by their availability in different styles.

There are three main categories of adult bibs. Firstly, traditional adult bib. This is your basic bib, that we often see children wearing, just made for someone much older. The second style is the Tabard. Tabard adult bibs are most commonly used by people who are usually on wheelchairs or have any other kind of disability.

The third one is the Pashmina style bib. This kind of Bib is mainly used by people who are style-conscious, since it comes with a lot of designs, and is stitched in a way that it helps create a statement where ever one goes. Apart from different styles adult bibs also have multiple purposes.

1. Prevents basic mess

When dealing with an elderly person or a patient the main problem is the mess. Mess while eating or taking medicines that cannot easily be cleaned as the person cannot go to the washroom themselves, or in some cases may be on complete bed rest etc. In such cases, bibs are like a knight in shining armor as they easily help get rid of any kind of mess created.

2. Cross-contamination

It is very easy for germs and bacteria to spread from one place to another and even from one person to another, especially if you are in a hospital. The spilling of food crumbs etc. can easily lead to the contamination of your surroundings, which will eventually spread germs all around leading others to get impacted too.

3. Saves time and money

Investing in adult bibs saves a lot of time and money as once you purchase it all you need to do is wash it after every use. There isn’t spending required for maintenance. This also helps save time as you do not need to take the person physically to wash their face and hands or clean their bed. Secondly, bibs mostly come at affordable prices and are easily available in bulk, this combined with a low maintenance cost means you save money while getting extra time for yourself. Thus, it is a win-win situation.

4. Easy for the person using it

Apart from making the life of the caretaker easy, adult bibs also tend to reduce the pain and hassle for patients and aged people. As it reduces their exercise of getting up and going to the restroom to clean themselves.

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