All you need to know about bath mats.

One of the most important items for a bathroom is bath mats. One may think that they help with the décor, and enhancing the overall look of the bathroom, but bath mats have many other purposes apart from this.

A few other ways in which bath mats are useful are:

1. Can prevent accidents.

It is very common for people to come out of the shower and slip due to wet feet and water all around. In situations like these, it is safer to step on a mat rather than the wet floor itself.

2. It can stop things from breaking.

If you accidentally drop your brand new perfume or even worse a newly bought makeup item. The soft texture of the mat can help save it from breaking. However, if luck is not with you that day and it still ends up breaking, the mat can also ease the trouble of cleaning it. Since all you need to do is wash the mat or straightaway throw it. Thus, no need to worry about products falling when you have a bath mat.

3. The perfect companion for long baths.

Let’s be honest who does not like taking long hot baths? However, almost everyone dreads the cleaning up they have to do after. All the water splashed around. Let’s not even talk about the stress of falling straight on your face. Somehow all this makes the relaxation of a hot bath seem insignificant. This is why we have bath mats, not only do they absorb all the water but if you step on them after coming out of your bathtub the risk of slipping is fairly low.

What not to do!

Yes, a bath mat is an essential item for your bathroom however if you do not use it properly it can turn from an essential to a disaster real quick.

1. Never come out of the shower and stand on the mat until your body dries.

This will lead to the mat being all drenched with water and instead of saving you from falling it might actually do the opposite.

2. Never leave a wet mat in the bathroom.

Leaving a wet mat in your bathroom is you asking for trouble. Since restrooms are usually tiny and there is not much space for air to pass through, a wet mat will cause your entire washroom to stink. Thus, always take a wet bath mat out to dry.

3. Don’t purchase a thick bath mat.

Keeping the point mentioned above in mind, if you purchase a thick mat drying it will not only be a time-consuming process. But the smell of dampness might settle in your bathroom and take ages to leave.

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