All you need to know about underpads.

Underpads are commonly known as bed pads or adult pads. They are highly absorbent, large, rectangular pads used to prevent beds and other furniture from getting damaged through leakages. They are mostly used in hospitals or for patients at home who need assistance with using the restroom on their own.

How can you use underpads?

1) It is commonly believed that underpads can only be used for preventing beds from getting wet. However, that is not true. Since they come in a variety of sizes, underpads can also be used to protect other furniture such as chairs, sofas and wheelchairs.

 2) Underpads can also be used to cover the area near commodes especially in hospitals and for patients at home with walking difficulties. This makes cleaning those washrooms extremely efficient.

3) Travelling with patients, kids, elderly, or women who are pregnant and might have bladder control issues can be made a lot easier with underpads since it is not always feasible or practical to stop during drives.

Reusable underpads or disposable ones?

1) Whether you use reusable underpads or disposable ones really depends on the kind of usage you have. For example, if you need it once in a while the disposable one will be a good choice. But if you use it every day or maybe multiple times a day the more feasible option will be to use the reusable ones.

2) The second factor which you need to take into consideration before deciding this is your budget. If you are okay with purchasing a number of pads and throwing them away you can do so. However, if you are someone who likes to save money then you should definitely opt for the reusable ones.

Tips to purchase underpads

1) The first step of purchasing underpads is considering which features are the most important for you according to your usage. For example, if you want a pad that is soft on the skin, or something that is highly absorbent, or both.

2) The second important factor is to see the size you require. This could work both ways, the size of the patient, or the surface area you need to cover.

3) The material of the underpad is also very important. Before purchasing an underpad make sure the material it is made of is highly absorbent, durable, easy to wash, and is gentle on the skin.

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