Aprons and shop towels: the new quarantine essentials.

It has been four months now since the entire world is on a pause. If someone would have talked about how one day the entire world would come at a halt, businesses would shut, economies would collapse, and we will no longer be allowed to seek emotional comfort from our friends and family because we need to maintain a six feet distance from them. We would have laughed it off.

While some of us are in denial, others paranoid, many have accepted this reality and are trying to use this time productively. A lot of people have started using this time to polish their old hobbies. These mostly include creative things like painting and baking. However, when you talk about painting or baking one thing that stresses everyone out is the mess that they will have to deal with.

To indulge in activities like painting or baking one must have essentials like aprons, drop cloths, and bar mops available. As without those a therapeutic experience could turn into a disaster within minutes.

Why is it important to wear an apron while baking and painting?

1. It protects your clothes from spills.
2. You can keep yourself safe from hot substances spilling on your body.
3. Most of the aprons have pockets this can come in handy to keep brushes and other equipment.
4. Wearing an apron while working in the kitchen also maintains hygiene.

Why is it important to always have a shop towel around when you paint or bake?

1. Since they are super absorbent it makes it easy to absorb any kinds of spills.
2. If you use it combined with detergent, you can easily clean paint or any kind of stains from ingredients.
3. You can also use shop towels made from microfiber to clean brushes, baking trays, etc. The microfiber can get hold of all the bacteria and other dust practices to ensure that you have a hygienic experience.

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