Are bleach safe towels the best solution for salons?

People who own salons or visit them often know how essential it is for salons to maintain cleanliness to attract customers. Since most customers come to salons to get personal services done including waxing, hair dye, oiling, or massages any sign of lack of hygiene puts them off completely. Apart from the general environment the tools used for servicing should also be clean especially towels. Imagine being handed a stained towel to wipe your hands or face? Or a dirty towel being used to dry your hair right after you get a fresh cut or a colour change. How terrible would that make you feel? Hence, it is extremely important for salons not to compromise on the cleanliness of towels.

Amidst this struggle of trying to keep towels clean and not having to spend a fortune on buying new ones every now and then bleach safe towels enter as the knight in shining armour for salons. This is mainly because,

1. No discoloration

Hair dye spills and stains on towels in salons is a common issue. Often owners end up throwing these towels since normal detergent cannot get rid of such stains. However, one can easily get rid of this without discoloration by washing the towels with bleach. Thus, using bleach safe towels eases the cleaning process.

2. The options of different colours and sizes

Most of the salons are seen using either white towels so it is easier to wash them with bleach or black towels, so the stains are less visible. There is no concept of matching the towels with the theme of the salon itself or maybe using coloured towels for different services to give it a customized vibe. The good news for salon owners here is that bleach resistant towels are not only available in different colours but the option of getting a variety of sizes adds one more point as to why they should be every salon owner's first choice.

3. Bacteria and other germs

Since there are a lot of spills, makeup products, massaging, pedicures involved, salon towels need to be disinfected daily to lessen the risk on the health of other customers. This is where the use of bleach becomes necessary since getting rid of such bacteria is not easily done using everyday antibacterial detergents. Scared of washing their towels with bleach, salons often end up buying more and more towels. Thus, by using bleach safe towels not only can they get rid of bacteria easily, but a lot of money can also be saved.

4. Increased durability and effective washing

We all know washing our clothes with bleach has a different effect on them. Not only do they become super clean but also soft and fluffy. The durability of bleach safe towels makes this option available to everyone without stressing about the fact that excessive use of bleach may deteriorate the quality of the towels.

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