Are cloth masks defying the entire purpose of Wearing a mask?

Covid’19 has made wearing a mask at all times a sad reality. Stepping out without one is not only unsafe for yourself but also risky for others, especially your loved ones. Since wearing a mask is not everyone’s thing, and something people are really struggling with, many have opted for alternatives. One of the most common alternatives is replacing the surgical mask with a cloth mask.

Not only have people replaced it, but they have turned cloth masks into a style statement. Several brands have started making sets including clothes and matching masks. High-end brands have also hinted towards launching branded masks. In short, they have turned a health care item into a commodified luxury. Apart from that, people have started designing and making handmade masks and are now creating a market of its own.

All this would have been completely fine if it were safe to do so. Wearing a cloth mask occasionally is okay but making it an everyday thing completely defies its purpose of protecting people from Coronavirus. The reason this happens is that firstly, once you wear a cloth mask it becomes completely contaminated with germs. If you are wearing it throughout the day these germs can easily get to your hands, hair, etc. Secondly, once you sit in your car or are alone and decide to take the
mask off, you will keep in your pocket or bag. Since cloth masks are not reusable throwing them away is not an option. This will eventually contaminate your clothes or bag.

Another problem with cloth masks is washing them. One will have to use their hands to wash it and contemplate on what detergent to use to get rid of all the germs properly. Not only is this step confusing and time-consuming but also very risky.

Apart from this, since people are already cautious about wearing a mask in public and brands have played with their insecurities to create an image that only a certain type of mask looks good on them. God forbid they forget to wash their cloth mask they might end up going out without wearing one.

We need to understand that the entire purpose of wearing a mask is not to create a style statement but to protect yourself for which surgical masks are the best. If you are worried about the cost or availability and are therefore opting for cloth masks. You can order yours from GreenLifestyle. Not only are they available in bulk and at a good price but you can easily get them delivered at home and make life simpler.