Are face masks our new reality amidst covid’19?

Up until a few months ago face masks were something doctors, dentists or other healthcare workers would wear. Wearing them in public led to stares from strangers. Who would have known back then that this would become our new normal?

Yes, you read that right, according to BBC, the countries who have managed to flatten the curve of Covid’19 were able to do so majorly because of people wearing masks. They also wrote how, even after easing the lockdown wearing a mask has become necessary since it is the only way to stop this virus from spreading.

A common myth people have regarding wearing a mask is that one should only wear it when they are sick themselves. This should not be practiced as in most cases a person is unaware of carrying the virus until they start experiencing proper symptoms. If supposedly this person avoids wearing a mask, everyone he has met comes at the risk of being infected. Apart from that, a lot of bacteria that could lead to the transmission of this virus are also present in the atmosphere around us and can easily be inhaled if we do not wear a mask.

Another benefit of wearing a mask at all times is that even if you touch your mouth or nose the risk of germs spreading from your hands to your mouth is decreased. Considering our hands are at most risk of getting contaminated with germs this is a great way to protect oneself. 

Apart from knowing the importance of wearing a mask another thing which is of great importance is the right way to wear and take one off.

Here are some tips on how to do so:

1. Before you take out the mask from the box make sure you wash your hands and sanitize them.

2. Make sure the mask does not have any holes or is torn from any side.

3. Try not to touch the mask unnecessarily or take it off again and again as this increases the risk of the mask itself getting contaminated with germs.

4. Once you take it off throw it away immediately and wash your hands and face preferably using an anti-bacterial soap.

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