Bulk buying and it’s advantages.

In simple terms, bulk buying refers to purchasing a large quantity of any product in a per-unit cost that is lower than the usual. Bulk buying is a common phenomenon when it comes to grocery shopping. People tend to buy more than what they require to save money. Even though some industries may not be able to practice it due to the nature of their work. Bulk buying is extremely common in factories where the raw material is purchased altogether.

It is also practiced in hospitals or salons while buying medicines, towels, mattress encasements, face masks, sanitizers, etc. This may not sound like an ideal feasible condition to many considering all the storage and effort required to take care of the extra things. However, bulk buying has a lot of advantages specially for hospitals and salons.

1. Saving Money

This is one of the major and most obvious benefits of bulk buying. As obvious as it is people often underestimate the benefit it offers. For example, the money saved could be invested in various other activities like marketing, or maybe improving the standard of the service provided.

Secondly, over time this saved money could also result in lower charges. Thus, not only will the service providers benefit from cost-cutting but eventually the customers will do too.

2. Helping the environment

This may not be a direct benefit for the business itself but buying in bulk means saving packaging paper. Even though this directly benefits the environment, but the business can use it as its CSR. Specially if it is a hospital, caring about the environment shows how thoughtful they are about the society and this might lead to more people trusting them with their treatment.

3. No risk of selling/ wearing out.

Having raw materials or other essentials in bulk means that you always have a backup. In the case of a hospital if a lot of your patients suddenly need mattress encasements, or if there is a shortage of certain things in the market. For example, how recently people started hoarding masks and sanitizers, being at the forefront of healthcare you cannot risk running out of essentials. Thus, purchasing in bulk is not just a benefit for businesses or service providers but in some cases, it is almost also a necessity.

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