How microfiber towels benefit the hair.

Microfiber towels refer to towels made with good quality fiber which is usually smaller than the diameter of silk. Compared to towels made with other materials like cotton these towels are extremely soft and absorbent. Many may not be aware of this but microfiber towels are the perfect product to use for maintaining the natural health of your hair, this is one of the main reasons why salons commonly prefer these towels.

Planning your hair wash with going out so that your hair does not end up looking like a terrible mess, using serums and anti-frizz sprays that cost an arm and leg only to do nothing. We have all been there. And lets not even talk about how much heat we expose our scalp to just to keep our hair in place. However, experts talk about how the use of microfiber towels to dry one’s hair can reduce the damage instantly due to the following reasons,

1. Microfiber towels help control frizz

Since the diameter of the fibre is small when drying the friction caused between the strands of hair and the towel is less compared to when dried with other towels. This results in smooth hair right after drying and less friction means less frizz. So, you can freely go out with towel dry hair without the fear of it getting frizzy.

2. Helps reduce hair fall

Since microfiber itself is an incredibly soft material the towel is very gentle on the scalp and runs smoothly through the hair strands. When the hair strands are taken care of with such tenderness not only does the hair feel softer, but it is less tangled after drying. The decrease in the number of tangles and knots not only makes brushing the hair hassle-free but the amount of hair fall due to untangling and harsh brushing is also reduced.

3. Highly Absorbent

Drying your hair is a struggle let alone drying it properly. Using extreme heat or keeping the levels low. In any case, the damage on the hair remains constant. However, the highly absorbent nature of microfiber towels is perfect for drying your hair just the right amount. Apart from drying it properly the thin fibre also makes sure to remove any kind of dirt particles or lint that may have stayed in the scalp of the hair.

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