How personal protective equipment has become a necessity in today's time.

Personal Protective Equipment commonly referred to as PPE includes safety wear that protects people from chemical hazards or serious health injuries etc. Earlier on PPE was mainly associated with safety at work that to chemical factories where the exposure to health hazards was extreme. However, recently due to the worldwide outbreak of Covid'19 PPE has turned into an everyday essential and more so a necessity to stay alive. Green Lifestyle produces several personal protective equipment including masks, hand sanitizers, aprons, etc.

Masks are everywhere around us. From the milkman to movie stars everyone is wearing it. Not only are people wearing it for the protection of themselves and others, but it has become the bases of deciding whether the other person is following the prerequisites of hygiene which are essential in today's time.

A lot of companies have added masks and sanitizers in the list of benefits they provide to their employees. This is mainly because even after applying controls at the workplace there are some risks of the virus that cannot be prevented without the use of proper PPE. Since Covid’19 is an airborne disease and can easily be spread by coming in contact with people or objects. Thus, the use of masks and sanitizers throughout the day is particularly important.

Not only at the workplace but sanitizing your hands after every one or two hours is important even when you are at home. The reason for this to kill the covid'19 germs in time if you have managed to encounter it. Secondly, to prevent your family members from getting affected.

Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) asked companies around the world to speed up the supply chain for PPE and declared this equipment as a necessity if we want to flatten the curve of coronavirus around the world. WHO highlighted how even health workers are facing a shortage of personal protection equipment which could make things worse considering they are in contact with covid'19 patients.

Not just the WHO but also local leaders like Imran Khan are encouraging people to learn to live with precautions until we find proper prevention. Since the virus is here to stay and will not be going anywhere soon. This goes to show how preventive gear is now part of our daily lives. Hence, while choosing personal protection equipment it is important you opt for the best. Here are a few tips which would be helpful in doing so.

An especially important part of finding the right PPE includes:

1. Make sure the PPE's are designed according to the PPE official regulations. Being one of the largest textile distributors with distribution centers around the   world Green Lifestyle has based all it is productions on these regulations.

2. Durable and safe for everyone. Since Green Lifestyle uses microfiber to make masks and aprons, the thin material helps trap bacteria and does not wear out easily.

3. Make sure the equipment suits everyone so people are motivated to wear it, for example, your supplier like Green Lifestyle should have experience in making equipment for different industries like hospitals, factories etc. so they know how to cater to different demands.


Hence, when it comes to your safety don't compromise and simply opt for the best.