How to choose the right towel while decorating your house

Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design- Charles Eames

Often when shopping for home décor people invest their time, money, and energy in big things like furniture, paintings, etc. or things that will be presented in front of others for example cutlery, frames, and or even something as minor as table coasters for that matter. For many, decorating their house is all about making it presentable for others. However, contrary to this popular belief home décor is personal. It is all about making your house comfortable and customized according to your way and standard of living.

Since not many believe in this phenomenon some important elements of home décor are completely disregarded. One such element is shopping for towels. People tend to invest the least amount of time in thinking about which towel to buy and from where. Usually, they just purchase the cheapest ones from the nearest store based on the common perception that the towel should be soft and fluffy. This is what leads them to buy towels every few months, what many people do not know is that if searched properly, buying a towel could be a one-time investment leading to a long-term upgrade in their living standard.

Which is why we decided to mention a few simple steps one can follow when buying a towel:

1. Weight of the Towel

The weight of the towel is not just simply how heavy it is rather it is measured in grams per square meter (GSM) and determines how thick or thin a towel is. The lesser the GSM means the thinner and absorbent it is, whereas the higher the GSM means the towel is thicker and takes more time to absorb. This is one of the main reasons why hotels often have towels with higher GSM since thicker towels feel more comfortable whereas gyms have thinner ones.

2. Size of the Towel

The second factor which is important while purchasing a towel is its size since the feasibility of the towel depends on it. For example, using a large towel in the gym or kitchen will make things extremely difficult whereas taking a small towel to the beach or for a swim might not be the right choice. Thus, to ensure ease while using towels considering its size is essential.

3. Color and Style

This is the part that gets the most attention when making purchases as everyone wants the color and design of their choice. However, there are some things one should always keep in mind when. deciding which color and style of towels to buy. For instance, the color of your hand towel should always go with the theme of your washroom. Secondly, it is recommended that kitchen towels should not be light in color as a lot of cleaning and stains are involved and therefore a light colored tower would start looking dirty soon. Thirdly, if you want to give your washroom a luxury look then always opt for white towels.

We hope the tips mentioned above help make your towel shopping experience a better one. To further ease things out for you we offer a complete range of towels at so check out the variety and order now.