how to give your kitchen a deep cleanse

Often, we hear people say a clean kitchen means a clean house, this statement when thought about is quite true since cleaning the kitchen is an essential part of our entire cleaning routine. This is due to several reasons, firstly, since all the cooking is done in the kitchen and eating unhygienic food has a direct impact on one’s health. Secondly, the kitchen is a place  where the entire family gathers daily either to eat something or to help with cooking, etc. Thus, if not kept hygienic it will affect everyone and not just a few members of the family. Lastly, there is a high threat of insects which feed on leftover food to contaminate the kitchen.

Even though the importance of keeping the kitchen clean is a well-established fact people often do not know how to give it a deep cleanse. Mentioned below are a few steps through which you can easily clean your kitchen inside out.

1. Start with the exterior.

It is important that you first start with cleaning the exterior of your cabinets. This can simply be done by taking a highly absorbent shop towel with some detergent and rubbing off all the oil and grease. The reason why using a shop towel would be a better idea than using a normal towel is because it makes it easier to get rid of the oil. Once you have cleaned it with a detergent, the next step would be to take a normal damp towel and clean off the detergent particles that might have stayed on the cabinet. Lastly, rub it with a dry cloth to make sure it has dried and the water particles will not ruin the colour or polish.

2. Cleaning the cupboards from inside.

For this, you need a detergent and a bar mop. Dip the bar mop into some detergent and start cleaning the cupboards from inside. Make sure you start from above and make your way below so that it is easier to get hold of all the dust and particles. Next, take another towel preferably a microfiber towel to dry the cabinets once they are cleaned. A microfibre towel will ensure any leftover particles are collected easily considering it is made with thin fibre.  You can repeat the same step for the kitchen counters as well.

3. Lastly comes the floor.

Cleaning the kitchen floor has two main steps. First, take a good quality mop dip it in some antibacterial liquid and mop the floor. Once you get rid of all the germs and bacteria clean the mop and dip it into some nice scented detergent. This will give your kitchen floor a shiny look and a welcoming smell.

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