Microfiber mattress encasements are preferred more than cotton for hospital use.

Mattress Encasements commonly known as underpads is full shield coverage for your mattress usually the same size as your sheet. Apart from being essentially used for leaks and spills, underpads have lots of other uses as well. For example, they help seek out bed bugs from mattresses, can trap dust and pollen, and protect the original mattress from getting harmed. Underpads are used in different places for example in schools for children, offices, or factories dealing with chemicals to avoid spills. However, the main purpose and most common use of underpads are in hospitals.

Hospitals use underpads for multiple purposes, for urine, medicine spills, blood, and for labor, surgery, and postpartum needs. It is almost impossible for hospitals to function without underpads considering bedsheets cannot be as absorbent as pads and cleaning them, again and again, is not only a task but also wears them out.

Up until a few years ago the most common material used to make underpads was cotton, the reason being it was soft and would absorb moisture easily. However, producers have now shifted to other materials due to added benefits. One such material is microfiber.

Microfiber underpads are made from polyester and a soft silky material. Even though it is made using machines the texture and soft-touch does not allow one to feel that. There are several reasons why both producers and customers prefer microfiber pads over cotton ones some of which are mentioned below.


Considering the nature of things underpads are used for them being long-lasting and durable is important. While pads made from cotton can last a long time, the ones made from microfiber have the tendency to be washed repeatedly without wearing out. Since pads in hospitals need to be washed several times a day microfiber becomes he better choice.

Breathable and Anti-Bacterial

Since microfiber is a thin material it lets air pass through easily as a result liquids and sweats evaporate quickly. Secondly, it also helps get rid of all kinds of unwanted smells conveniently. Apart from that the thin nature of the material also allows it to trap tiny bacteria particles within, this is extremely beneficial in the case of hospitals where patients are already suffering and more exposure to bacteria could be life-threatening.

Soft Material

As we all know cotton has always been popular for its soft feel when it comes to underpads though just having a soft feel is not enough. The pads should be soft to the skin since patients have to lie down on them all day. This is yet another benefit of microfiber pads, that they are not harsh on the skin.

These are just a few major benefits of using microfiber mattress encasements. However, the list does not end here. How about you order yours from Green Lifestyle and experience the rest yourself.

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