The advantages of using microfiber towels

Microfiber is made with premium quality fiber. This fiber is thinner than silk in texture and usually created from materials like polyester and polyamide which makes it extremely lightweight and fine. The materials are further woven and given a threadlike structure to create products like towels.

When it comes to towels people usually prefer cotton or silk towels. However, contrary to popular belief microfiber towels have some major benefits compared to those made with other materials. A few of these advantages are listed below.

1. Effective in getting hold of bacteria.

A study from the University of California conducted an experiment to check which towels are more effective in getting rid of bacteria. According to the study, a cotton towel can catch 30% of bacteria from a dirty floor, whereas microfiber towels can catch 90% of the bacteria. This is mainly because of the thin texture of the material that allows it to get hold of bacteria and other small particles easily.

2. Helps with dusting.

Clean freak or not we all know how irritating the dust on our counters and floor can be. Well, the good news is that the thin microfiber leaves no traces of dust behind.

3. Durable.

Compared to other towels microfiber towels can be washed repeatedly without wearing out. Thus, unlike other towels, microfiber towels are a long-term investment.

4. Saves resources.

Microfiber towels tend to use less water and chemicals compared to other materials. This helps minimise the use of these resources. Hence if you are cautious about saving resources or just do not like the idea of using too many chemicals at home especially if you have kids around. These towels are the best choice for you.

5. Absorbent.

The highly absorbent quality of microfiber towels leads to two benefits. Firstly, not only are they perfect for cleaning spills instantly but other than that their absorbent texture makes washing and drying them super easy and quick.

6. Available in different colours.

Microfiber towels are available in a variety of colours. This makes them the perfect option for salons and hotels where they usually want to colour code towels. It could also make cleaning at home efficient as each task would have a designated towel.

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