The benefits of using a hand sanitizer

Our hands play a vital role in transmitting germs from the environment to us. We use our hands for almost everything from meeting people to eating something or touching things and surfaces that might have germs. Since we eventually end up touching not only our belongings with the same hands but also our face and hair the germs are easily transmitted to our face, skin and even our immune system. Therefore, doctors recommend everyone to wash their hands throughout the day specially amid a global pandemic.

Benefits of using hand sanitizers

1. Keeping your hands clean.

The use of a sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs accumulated on our hands instantly. Thus, you can easily use to it disinfect your hands on the go.

2. Portability and less time-consuming.

Even though we all understand the importance of keeping our hands clean, always washing them is not feasible and, in some cases, not even possible. You cannot always locate a sink near you every time you go out. Other times you may not have the time to wash your hands. For times like these, you can simply use a sanitizer as it is the most effective hassle-free way of keeping your hands clean and bacteria-free.

3. Protection from diseases and Infections.

As mentioned above, our hands play a major role in transmitting germs from our surroundings to our immune system. Therefore, keeping them clean is the first step for protecting yourself from diseases and infections especially gastric diseases. Always carrying a hand sanitizer and using it throughout the day, specially before eating, can prevent germs from affecting your immunity and keeping you protected.

4. Easy to use in classrooms and offices.

While sitting in groups, attending meetings, or eating together it becomes easier for everyone to clean their hands simply by using a sanitizer rather than everyone taking turns to wash them individually.

5. Less waste.

Using paper towels to hold the door of a public restroom or using it to touch the sink we have all been there. Apart from being disgusting and unhygienic it also ends up in a lot of paper going to waste. By using a sanitizer one can easily avoid this wastage of paper.

6. Moisturized hands.

Almost all sanitizers have elements that are gentle on the hands and keep them moisturized. Considering the weather these days and how rough and dry it makes our hands. A sanitizer is a perfect fit for not only keeping our hands clean but also hydrated.

Hence, carrying a sanitiser with you at all times is a necessity. Order yours now from