The idealogy behind businesses going green

Companies like Toyota, Unilever, Walmart, and Nike have recently started ‘Going Green’. Going green precisely means that they have opted for sustainability in their production line which includes less wastage, using machinery that does not harm the environment, cutting down the use of any such raw material which may impact the environment negatively. To sum it up they now take all their business decisions keeping in mind the effect it will have on the environment.

Businesses earlier did practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). However, it mostly consisted of recreational activities practiced once a year and was treated as an extra-curricular activity. Whereas on the other hand going green means that the entire functionality of a business is based on its environmental consequences.

To someone who is naïve to how all this works going green comes off as something wherein a business is compromising on its benefits to serve the environment. However, business experts have recently compared this to the historic ‘Quality Movement’.

The quality movement was a term given to a time when businesses started realizing that investing in the quality of products rather than quantity will eventually help the business gain profits and is an easier and cheaper way to stabilise it. History has repeated itself in this case, businesses now know that sustainable production is cheaper, cuts the cost of production and is the way towards the future.

Apart from profits, there are several other advantages of Going Green:

1. Image in front of customers

When customers see that a business is not just profit-minded and cares about society and things around them, they tend to feel a sense of security.

2. Loyal employees

Employees are more inclined towards working with a firm that has catered to the bigger picture and has global incentives. It makes them feel like they are working towards something much larger and their hard work is having an impact. Thus, it becomes rare for employees to leave the firm or to be unproductive.

3. Improving the brand image

One of the major benefits of going green for a business is the instant uplift in the brand image that comes with it. Doing something for the environment can give your brand global recognition, it adds a good feel to the brand, attracts investors, customers, and employees. in fact, in most cases it has changed the entire game for some businesses.

GreenLifestyle is one such brand that highly regards environmental factors. We use suitable and eco-friendly machinery as well as raw materials. We aim to not only improve your lifestyle but also the life of the earth itself.