The purpose of napkins in our everyday Life.

Napkins have always been a confusing element when it comes to dining essentials. Is it there just for décor purposes or to enhance the look of the table? Or are we supposed to use it to clean our hands? If so, what is the correct way to use it? Even though in most cases people take napkins for granted, knowing the correct way to use it is an essential part of a dining experience. Apart from that, not knowing how to use a napkin can make people judge you for being unaware of proper table manners. But don’t worry we got you! Below is a list of hidden uses of napkins!

1. Placing your napkin on your lap

By placing your napkin on your lap you indicate the beginning of your meal. If you are the host this is a signal to your guests to start their meal as well.

2. Protecting your clothes

Since napkins are often properly used when at a very formal event or party wherein dropping food on your clothes will be slightly embarrassing. The extra layer of cloth on your dress also comes handy in protecting you from fallen food.

3. Wipe your mouth

Napkins are the best when it comes to wiping your mouth at a social event. Firstly, it makes wiping your face look classy rather than awkward. Secondly, if you are a lady with makeup on napkins are there to save the day. They gently wipe your face without ruining your makeup.

4. Coughs and Sneezes

Coughing or sneezing at a social event is embarrassing, to say the least, and what doubles the embarrassment is not having a restroom nearby where you could run too. This is when napkins come in handy to wipe your hands and face.

5. Ending the meal

Similar to starting the meal loosely folding your napkin and keeping it on the left side indicates that you are done with your meal. This tip is super handy when dining in at a restaurant because you don’t have to worry about calling the waiter once you are done.

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