The right way of wearing facemasks!

Facemasks help limit the spread of germs. When someone coughs or sneezes they may spread bacteria into the surroundings that can contaminate others. Thus, it is extremely important especially since the beginning of this pandemic that one wears a mask at all times. However, wearing a face mask is only useful when you wear it the right way!

The most effective method to put on a face mask is:

1. Clean your hands with cleanser and water or hand sanitizer before wearing it.

2. Make sure the masks are not torn from any side.

3. Ensure that you are wearing it the right way. Many people get confused it wear it upside down.

4. Squeeze the band on your nose so no bacteria can enter through there.

5. Clean your hands with cleanser and water or hand sanitizer before contacting the mask.

6. Avoid contacting the front of the mask with bare hands before or after wearing it since it might be polluted.

7. Toss the mask in the garbage as soon as you take it off.

8. Clean your hands immediately after.

9. Make sure you do not end up wearing the same mask again and use a different one every time.

10. Don’t take the mask off and wear it again- a lot of people have a habit of taking their masks off while eating or talking and wearing it after. This not only contaminates their hands but also their face.

To conclude, always keep these tips in mind when wearing a face mask so that you do not end up exposing yourself to more bacteria while being misguided into believing you are protecting yourself.

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