Times have changed and so has the meaning of Hygienic.

It is often said that whenever a country goes through a pandemic the real tragedy begins after it is proceeding towards its end. Reason being that once you come out of the danger zone you realize the collateral damage that has been done. This includes the loss of loved ones, financial loss to businesses including industries that have entirely collapsed. And certain lifestyle changes which may not be easy to adapt to. For example, in the situation of Covid’19 wearing a mask, carrying a sanitizer and the most problematic of all maintaining a six feet distance has become the new reality. As much as people crave going out, going out with so many precautions is worse to an extent.

However, it is not only the people who have to go through to lifestyle changes but businesses have also had to change their working style after the spread of this virus. For example, corporate offices who had their entire day planned around meetings and presentations had to shift their working on online platforms such as Zoom and Skype. Stores selling clothes, shoes, beauty products as well as supermarkets had to introduce an online purchasing system in order to survive.

Even though all the industries have had to bear losses salons faced the most damage. As not only did they have to restrict all their services for two to three months straight. But even after opening they cannot take more than one client at a time. Apart from that, their spending on monthly cleaning necessities has almost doubled considering they will have to replace towels after every visit, clean chairs, and wash sinks with consistency.

Since most people are trusting them with their hair and skin. A slight sign of the towels, gloves, masks, or any furniture being unhygienic can take a serious toll on the salon's image. Not only this but considering the times we are in, the salon could end up shutting down permanently if anything goes wrong.

Thus, in this case it is advantageous for salons to purchase towels in bulk. And switching to coloured towels so that customers have a sense of satisfaction that the towel has been changed. This is important because they cannot even afford one bad experience during these times.

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