Why is it essential to keep hospitals clean?

Having a good hygiene and clean environment is an essential need in today’s time for both personal and social reasons. By maintaining personal hygiene and keeping things around you clean you not only keep yourself safe from infections, and other problems but also help those around you to stay safe. Even though personal hygiene is extremely important it becomes useless after a point if the environment you are in is not clean. This is most importantly true for hospitals.

When we speak about hospitals our mind automatically creates an image of an extremely clean place that smells nice and has a refreshing vibe to it. Even while selecting a hospital for treatment, apart from the faculty and expenses, cleanliness is one of the major factors that people take into consideration. It is commonly believed that having a clean hospital environment is only essential for the patient but this is certainly not completely true.

Yes, an unhygienic environment will cost the patient the most since there is a high chance that he/she might get infected again. There have been cases in the past where patients were all set to get discharged from the hospital but something as minor as a flu took them back to ICU. However, apart from patients, healthcare workers themselves are at a constant risk of getting infected due to contact with patients. These threats may seem minor but can turn into extremely life threatening situations in a blink of an eye. Thus, it is important for hospitals to keep the environment clean.

Once hospitals realize how important cleanliness is for them the actual tricky part begins. One may think that simply mopping the floor once day would be enough but truth be told hospitals need to have cleaning rounds after every two hours. It is essential for them to use microfiber cloths to make sure none of the furniture is contaminated, use drop cloths with disinfectants to clean all equipment. The bed sheets and towels of patients should be durable enough to withstand washing every day. Apart from that, mattress encasements should be used and cleaned throughout the day. Nurses, doctors and other visitors should wear a mask and sanitize their hands before leaving the premises so they do not carry the germs with them.

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