Why is it important to use a different towel to clean your Face and body.

A lot of us are guilty of taking our hygiene lightly. We think of hygiene as washing our body and face with a body wash that smells nice and our face with a face wash that has similar attributes. However, hygiene has much more to it than this. Apart from using the appropriate products and having a systematic routine for the cleansing of your body and face another very important factor is the appropriate use of towels.

Yes, you read that right! We often underestimate the role of towels in our day to day routine. Most people especially men are guilty of using the same towel to wipe their faces from which they tend to clean their bodies. This in most cases is an honest mistake done due to the unawareness of its consequences. Which is why through this blog we will highlight a few of its major consequences.

1. Bacteria and Dead Skin Cells

Bath towels are usually made with fabric that tends to get hold of bacteria, germs, and dead skin cells while you wipe your body. If you use the same towel on your face, without washing it first these germs and dead skin cells will make their way up to your face and cause other skin problems.

2. Trigger Acne

If you are someone who has acne-prone skin or sensitive skin in general then making this mistake is a non-negotiable for you. This is because even the slightest exposure to bacteria or any other germ can trigger your acne and before you know it your face will be filled with breakouts.

3. The products you use on your face are not always good for your skin

Usually, the products we purchase for our bodies have certain chemicals or products that do not suit the skin on our faces. You may not see the effects immediately but it is not good to expose your face to those products in the long run. Thus, using the same towel can also trigger this problem.

4. Threat from infections

A lot of times various infections are growing on our body which are not visible to the naked eye. Using the same towel on your body and face can cause these infections to transfer to your face.

5. It is generally disgusting

While cleaning or drying our body with a towel we tend to clean all our body parts including our private parts. Using the same towel to wipe your face is in general unhygienic and disgusting.

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