Why one should clean their car everyday.

Cleaning your car regularly is an essential part of maintenance. However, very few people understand its importance. Car cleaning is often a neglected and underrated part when it comes to its overall maintenance. Here is a list of reasons why this should not be the case.

1. Damage to the paint and look

Exposure to dust and different weather conditions like sun and rain can cause the paint of the car to erode this results not only in a spoilt look but once the paint starts eroding  the effect of dust particles takes a toll on the metal inside. This is one of the major reasons for the decreasing life span of most cars.

2. More Repairs

The metal of your car can get a lot of scratches and start to rust simply through its exposure to dirt. This is mainly because of the different kinds of bacteria dust particles carry with them. Some people call rust the eyesore of the car since it is visible easily and ruins the complete look no matter what the scale of damage might be. This not only leads to other repairs over time but after a point, the useful life of the car starts to diminish.

3. Cleaning the Interior

Cleaning the interior of your car is extremely important for health and hygiene purposes specially looking at the current situation. Considering most of us eat in our cars, share our car with other family members and pick and drop our friends. The risk of the interiors of our cars getting exposed to germs and bacteria is a major concern. It is therefore important to clean it daily specially the seats, music system, and steering wheel.

4. Safety

Studies show that every person goes through a car accident at least once in their life.  Even though there is not much you can do to avoid it but taking some precautionary measures can be beneficial. These include keeping the mirrors, windows, windshield, etc. clean this will not necessarily save you from accidents but if the visibility is clear you might be able to prevent additional damage and life-threatening situations.

5. Saving Fuel

Not many people know this, but a clean car uses 10% less fuel compared to a dirty car. There is no significant explanation for this apart from the fact that the dirty car does not drive smoothly resulting in the use of extra fuel. Whatever the reason might be who does not like saving up some extra fuel? 

6. The Look

Last but not the least keeping your car clean keeps the new glossy look of your car maintained and we can all agree on the fact that cruising in a shiny car is far more fun than in one that looks old. 

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