Why we should replace paper towels with bar mops

If you look around you, the world is screaming for help. Pollution is on a rise; global warming is taking a toll on our environment. In these desperate times, a lot of people have taken an initiative to help the environment improve. From using less plastic, replacing everyday products with other environmentally friendly alternatives, not just on an individual level but groups and multinationals have also started taking the deteriorating health of our environment seriously.

Even though global warming might seem like a worldwide issue that does not concern us directly, our efforts do play a major role in controlling it. This is one of the main reasons why one should start looking for alternatives in their own home. One such example is the use of paper towels. Paper towels increase greenhouse gas
emissions, water pollution, and use up a lot of energy. Paper towels are also used in a lot of quantity and very frequently which is why replacing them with an alternative is the perfect way to begin a green lifestyle at home.

The best way to replace paper towels is with normal towels, preferably bar mops. Bar mops are basic towels that are super absorbent and easy to use. They are usually made with cotton, but one can also use microfiber bar mops to clean utensils and other appliances. Apart from the environmental factors, replacing paper towels with bar mops has many other benefits too.

1. Easier to Clean

It is easier to use bar mops to clean spills rather than paper towels. This is because they are far more absorbent and can instantly clean all the liquid.

2. Affordable

Compared to paper towels investing in a bar mop is less expensive. Secondly, a bar mop can easily be washed once used which saves the day to day cost of buying more paper towel.

3. Durable

Bar mops are extremely durable compared to paper towels you can wash them repeatedly and the quality remains the same. They are an essential long-term investment for your home.

4. Available in different colours

Bar mops are available in a variety of colours this results in two benefits. Firstly, you can give your home a colour coordinated look and create a vibe of your own. Secondly, you can easily mark which bar mop is used for what purpose and avoid cross-contamination.

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