Green Lifestyle 12 Pack Terry Kitchen Bar Mops - 16 X 19 inches, Highly Absorbent, Ultra-Light, and Durable, Pack of 12


12 Kitchen Bar Mops per Order


  • 100% Cotton
  • Cotton
  • Made from the highest quality cotton that provides the towels with an elegant touch of softness, along with high absorbency and fast-drying ability. So basically, they absorb quick and dry quickly as well
  • The pack includes 12 highly absorbent towels of the highest grade and genuine cotton. Made from natural materials and free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials, these are safe for you & your family
  • The towels are largely sized at 16 by 19 inches each which are capable of providing a streak and lint-free experience during the wiping process for various surfaces and even dishes
  • These towels can be used for a wide variety of different functions like cleaning your glasses, dishes, and other kitchen-related utensils. They go along perfectly with countertops, hotels, bars, homes, restaurants, and offices, etc. Machine washable, tumble dry on low

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